Most people know to call a locksmith if they are locked out of their car or home. However, locksmith Olympia WA can do much more to help secure your home or business. Here are some reasons to contact a locksmith to improve security for your home or business.

24-Hour Protection

One great thing about locksmiths is that they are available 24/7. Lockouts or security problems can happen anytime, not just during work hours. It’s important to have a professional you can rely on to access your business at any time. Locksmith companies often have mobile units ready to help you with any locksmith service, day or night.

Security System

Many locksmith companies also install and monitor security systems. Video cameras not only help prevent crime but are also useful for investigating any crimes that happen on or near your property.

File Cabinet Locks

File cabinet locks might not seem important, but losing the keys or having someone unauthorized get them can be a big problem. Locksmiths can make new keys to replace lost ones or change the lock to stop anyone with stolen keys from accessing sensitive information.


Sometimes you need to block access for a former employee or someone else who still has a key. Locksmiths can help by rekeying the lock. This means changing the pins inside the lock without replacing the whole lock, which is cheaper. If you want better locks, a locksmith can replace them instead of just rekeying.

Master Keys

Master keys let you open multiple locks with one key, making it easier for employees and others to access different areas without carrying many keys. This way, only a few authorized people can access multiple areas, while others have separate keys for single doors.

Electronic Access Systems

Electronic access systems are very useful for businesses. Common types include card readers, RFID cards, and keypads. These can be installed on any door, making it easier to secure your business without constant supervision. If a fob or card is lost, or if staff changes, you can easily update the code or frequency.

Safe Installation

Most businesses use safes and vaults, so it’s important to contact a commercial locksmith for help. They can service your safe or install a new one. If you have a dial safe, a locksmith can change the combination for you. Digital safes are another option, letting you change the combination yourself.